The Economic School you’ve barely heard of : Austrian School

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The author of this article titles it as “The Economic School You’ve Never Heard Of”. I have been kinder and replaced never with barely. But yes the author could be just right. It is highly unlikely that today’s economists have never heard about the Austrian School of Economic thought. I just wrote about reading dead economists but we have case for many important things being just dead in economic teaching.

Valentin Schmid of Epoch times writes a nice piece about the forgotten yet highly important teachings from Austrian School (HT: Cafe Hayek blog).

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2 thoughts on “The Economic School you’ve barely heard of : Austrian School

  1. nottrampis

    Good Grief, Have they not heard of why Hitler took power. Bruning was the Austrian School poster boy and it did not work period. Even Hayek disowned his recommendations indeed he went to to actually advocate public works spending!

    The Austrian school is all in favour of classical economics and that is pro-cyclical so it makes booms and recessions bigger indeed every country that embraced them had a depression.

    Actually It is completely rational why they barely heard of them.

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