Codebreaking has moved on since Turing’s day, with dangerous implications

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After decades of cracking, the cracks are appearing in cryptography.
infobunny, CC BY

Bill Buchanan, Edinburgh Napier University

We have always been been intrigued by keeping secrets and uncovering the secrets of others, whether that’s childhood secret messages, or secrets and codebreaking of national importance. The Conversation

With a film, The Imitation Game, reprising the life of Alan Turing and his role in breaking the Nazi’s Enigma cipher of World War II, how does one codebreak, then and now?

It’s all in the cipher

Imagine that Bob and Alice wish to secretly communicate, and Eve, who wishes to listen in. Here “plain text” refers to the original message, and “cipher text” as the coded message.

Secret messaging, ciphers, and those listening in.
Bill Buchanan, Author provided

There are two ways of creating the cipher text:

  • Having an algorithm (a cipher) that only Bob and Alice know, so that…

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