The Blunders of our Governments and the #DementiaTax – a lack of deliberation?

Public Investigations

This is a review I wrote in 2013. It might just offer some illumination of how Theresa May’s Team have made such horlicks of the #DementiaTax.

The penultimate paragraph is probably the most important.


The Blunders of our Governments, Anthony King and Ivor Crewe.  Oneworld Publications, September 2013.

This is a must read book for anyone interested in British public affairs. It is seminal, not so much for the insight it offers – much of what it says has been said before – but in the way it brings together in one place the list of catastrophic blunders of government and their causes. There is something for everyone with an interest in government and governing here.

Politicians of the right will undoubtedly highlight the failures of government reported in this book and try to position it in the “private good, public bad” narrative of neoliberalism.

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