Peace feelers in World War 1

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There were no meaningful peace proposals by the belligerent governments until 1916.

In late 1916 a series of peace proposals were suddenly put forward, all of them without exception advocating compromises. They contained no demands for unconditional surrender or a dictated peace.

There was Reichstag peace resolution on 19 July 1917. The resolution called for no annexations, no indemnities, freedom of the seas, and international arbitration. It was ignored by the German High Command and by the Allied Powers.

Pope Benedict XV tried to mediate with his Peace Note of August 1917 calling for a return to the pre-war borders.

On November 14, 1917, Lord Landsdowne, a minister in the Asquith cabinet, put forward a letter to the Daily Telegraph on the need for peace negotiations.

The Landsdowne memorandum titled “Coordination of Allies’ War Aims” recommended a serious investigation of the possibility of a peace and advocated that a statement…

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