Economist explains 50 years of occupation. Obfuscates 50 years of bad Palestinian decisions.

UK Media Watch

One of the Economist’s featured articles in their special report on the anniversary of the 1967 war (‘Six Days of War, 50 Years of Occupation’) putatively focuses on Israel’s stunning economic achievements, but ultimately pivots to a more predictable tale of exploitation and inequality. 

Here are the key paragraphs from the first half of the article, focusing on Israeli achievements, titled “Israel’s economy is a study in contrasts”:

Israel attracts about 15% of the world’s venture-capital investment in cyber-security. It is part of Israel’s booming “startup-nation” economy, the most dynamic innovation ecosystem outside America….Other high-tech areas look promising, too, among them agricultural and water technology (building on Israel’s expertise in desert farming), digital health services and financial technology.

The biggest buzz is over driverless cars. Boosters think that Israel can help produce their brains—computer vision, lidar (laser scanning), artificial intelligence and cyber-security—leaving the engines and the metal-bashing to others. Intel…

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