Irish girl suicidal from unwanted pregnancy; doctors confine her in mental health unit instead of performing abortion

Why Evolution Is True

The abortion laws of Ireland are a travesty: you still can’t get one in that country unless the mother’s life is in danger—from either health risks or possible suicide—or the fetus has fatal abnormalities. This draconian policy has led to horrible outcomes, the most notable being the death of Savita Halappanavar in 2012 from sepsis after doctors wouldn’t let her abort her fetus, although they were sure it would miscarry, because it still had a heartbeat. Mother and fetus succumbed, but how was that a good outcome? Only for Catholics, I suppose.

These laws need to be changed, and it’s the damn Catholic Church and the cowardly Irish politicians who won’t do what is right, even though most Irish people favor liberalized abortion laws.

The latest case, reported by The Irish Times, involves a “young girl” (age not given) who was pregnant and had strong views about…

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