Roger Pielke Jr.: Manichean paranoia has poisoned the climate debate

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Summary: Professor Roger Pielke Jr. explains why such meager results from the three decades-long campaign for public policy action in America to fight climate change. Activists on both sides have brought Manichean paranoia to the debate. The results might have historic painful effects. And he shows how we can fix the debate, if we try.

“Sooner or later, everyone sits down to a banquet of consequences.”
— Attributed to Robert Louis Stevenson.

Pielke Presentation at GWPF about Paranoid Climate Politics

This presentation posted with his generous permission.

The movement for massive US public policy action to fight climate change began (as an arbitrary date) with the testimony of James Hansen on 23 June 1988 in a sweltering (due to careful preparation) Senate conference room. During the following 29 years vast sums were spent to build public support for such measures. Academia, the news media, NGOs, and government agencies provided full spectrum support, laying down a barrage of propaganda —…

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