Game of monopoly was invented to demonstrate the evils of capitalism!

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Kate Raworth, senior visiting research associate at Oxford University has a nice piece.

She says how history of monopoly game has been altered. Currently we see the game explaining virtues of capitalism. But in reality it was designed to explain the vices of the very system.

The earlier avatar of Monopoly was called Landlord’s game and was invented by Liz Magie. She drew inspiration from her father’s works which showed how capitalism was exploiting people:

Magie invented and in 1904 patented what she called the Landlord’s Game. Laid out on the board as a circuit (which was a novelty at the time), it was populated with streets and landmarks for sale. The key innovation of her game, however, lay in the two sets of rules that she wrote for playing it.

Under the ‘Prosperity’ set of rules, every player gained each time someone acquired a new property (designed to reflect George’s…

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