The Columbo episodes that never were

The Columbophile

I’m sure every Columbo fan has at some point wished that a load of never-before-seen episodes were to be found in the archives and made available for viewing for the very first time.

Given Columbo‘s high profile and importance to the networks, though, this is very much wishful thinking. However, what many fans don’t realise is that someColumbo episodes were written and intended for transmission, but never quite made it.

I know of two: one in the 1970s and one in the 2000s. There may be others that will at some point be revealed. But for now here’s a glimpse into the background of the two Columbo episodes that never were…

1. Brian De Palma and Columbo: the one that got away

De Palma Brian De Palma and Columbo? Close but no cigar Amazing as it seems to us today, Brian De Palma was at one point very interested…

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