The science behind the politics of the Google memo

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Summary: The Google memo shows how, as usual in America, chaos results when politics and science collide. Here are notes by James Bowman, journalists, and scientists explaining different aspects of the debate to us.

Men and Women


  1. Bowman looks at the debate.
  2. Articles mentioned.
  3. Scientists comment on the Google memo.
  4. About James Bowman.
  5. For More Information.
  6. About honor.

Bowman looks at the debate about the Google memo.

From his website, 16 August 2017.
Reposted with his generous permission.

In all the fuss over Google’s firing of an engineer named James Damore (surely a corruption of “D’amore”?) for expressing an opinion about sex differences {in the Google memo}, the main focus has been upon the poor fellow’s right to freedom of speech, if any, with only secondary consideration being given to the merits, if any, which may be allowed to his point of view.

When that subject comes up, so, inevitably, does…

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