Ayaan Hirsi Ali on the misguided behavior of the Southern Poverty Law Center

Why Evolution Is True

Although I usually watch only the NBC news and “60 Minutes” on television, I’ve started leaving the t.v. on after the news when I do my shoulder-therapy exercises, which take some time. As last night’s news segued into an entertainment show, I was shocked to hear that George and Amal Clooney had donated a million dollars to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) to “fight hate groups.” Their action is well motivated, of course—she’s a human-rights lawyer and he’s somewhat of a liberal activist—but over the years, and especially recently, the SPLC has morphed into a big money vacuum cleaner exaggerating and distorting “threats” to swell their nearly $2 billion endowment. Further, they spend much more than other activist organizations on fundraising, and their top execs have bloated salaries; here are the stipendiary emoluments of the SPLC’s two top dogs, taken from “Watching the watchdogs“:

Richard Cohen —…

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