Two Sided Tango


James Damore was probably right in most of what he wrote in his famous memo that got him fired from Google, but this is, I think, incorrect:


The $250 million Damore refers to here is the amount Google has spent on diversity initiatives since 2014, to very little effect:  the percent of female and black employees have not budged at all.

Since nobody actually thinks it’s impossible to hire more black or female employees, this isn’t exactly about pretending Santa Claus is real. It is instead about Google making choices, presumably based on a covert acknowledgment of the kinds of differences in behavioral traits that Damore discusses in his memo. Diversity involves real tradeoffs, and increasing the representation of some groups is going to mean lowering hiring standards, something Google is evidently unwilling to do beyond a limited extent.

But that still leaves the question of what that quarter-billion dollars…

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