The best albums of the 1980s


I came across this list recently, I can’t remember where exactly. I thought I would post it here and discuss it. It’s a screen capture (well, two) of the top 25 best albums of the 1980s, as voted by some online poll. Here are the top 25.

ffdfdfdfd The top 25 albums of the 1980s, as voted in an online poll. This is 1 to 12.


dhfhf This is 13 to 25.

Of the top 10, I own

  • 1. – Peter Gabriel – “So”
  • 3. Supertramp – “Breakfast in America”
  • 4. U2 – “Joshua Tree”
  • 5. Kate Bush – “Hounds of Love”
  • 8. Dire Straits – “Brothers in Arms”

so, five of them. I am also familiar with the five that I don’t own to varying degrees. I would rate all five of the albums I own listed here as superb. I will blog about each one of them separately in…

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