30 classic Hollywood movies you can stream for free

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(Source: www.businessinsider.com)

At first glance, the public domain appears to be a deep, intimidating vortex of innumerable media. To some extent, this is true — by way of making it slightly less so, let’s talk about what, exactly, it is. A free, accessible resource for films, books, and music available to the public, the public domain’s been in existence ever since copyright laws were implemented back in the 18th century. In their early years, copyrights (indicated by that © you’ve seen in books, music, movies, and other works) varied from country to country. It wasn’t until the Berne Convention of 1886 — an international agreement governing copyright that protects literary and artistic works — that a universal copyright procedure was assembled. But not for the United States, which refused to take part in the convention for over 100 years, because it required too many significant changes to their moral…

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