Ayaan Hirsi Ali on the failure of feminists to fight for Muslim women

Why Evolution Is True

Here’s a five-minute video Ayaan Hirsi Ali made for Prager University (yes, I know what it is) decrying the neglect by Western feminists of Islamic oppression of women. I’m putting it up to stimulate discussion (but don’t bother saying that because Prager University was founded by a conservative, we can dismiss the entire video). There are lots of questions to deal with; I’ll mention just three.

  1. Is her talk of a “culture clash” between Western and Islamic values accurate? If so, should we nevertheless avoid discussing it lest it be perceived as “Islamophobic”?
  2. Is it even the business of Western feminists to fight for the rights of Muslim women, whether in the West or in Muslim countries? (I’m taking it for granted here that, as Hirsi Ali notes, that oppression is worse among Muslim women than among Western women in the West.) Shouldn’t we just deal, as some Western feminists note…

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