Memorial Day Memories: The Dirty Dozen (1967)

Falcon at the Movies

dozen1This Dirty Dozen (1967) succeeds in spite of the 60s anti-war era, mainly because of its characters.  Anyone who watches movies will recognize many of the faces in this film and all of these stars make this film work.  Lee Marvin, Telly Sevalas, Donald Sutherland, and many, many more, all of them famous names.  Every single major character is a star or went on to be a star.  That alone makes this film notable.  Everyone in this film does a good job, especially Charles Bronson and Donald Sutherland.  I chuckle every time Donald Sutherland impersonates a General.  This movie is classic.

This film solidified Lee Marvin as an actor who could carry a movie.  He wasn’t a lead actor before this.  He went on to star in other movies, including Point Blank that same year, as its star.  It seems as if Lee Marvin’s character Mayor Reisman doesn’t want the assignment…

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