NZ Council of Trade Unions sides with anti-vaccination cranks

Vaccinations are the greatest public health intervention ever. If you are a medical professional but still have trouble understanding vaccines and the importance of herd immunity, you are in the wrong job. Hospitals are full of babies too young to be vaccinated and patients with compromised immunity systems.

Gone are the days when unions accepted that staff must be disciplined for not following health and safety policies. Due process in any employment investigation, of course, but failure to comply with health and safety policies make employees a menace to themselves, co-workers and the public.

Would the union see a different side to the story when an employer disciplined an employee for not wearing a safety helmet in a designated hard-hat area?

UPDATE: the union were good enough to quickly reply.

I cannot see how it is okay for employees to only be encouraged and informed about the risks of vaccination to themselves and others, but employers are subject to criminal and civil penalties if they do not comply with health and safety laws.

The relevant law is summarised for employees as follows:

Workers must take reasonable care of their own health and safety and reasonable care that others are not harmed by something they do or don’t do. They must also follow any reasonable instructions given to them by the PCBU, and cooperate with any reasonable health and safety policy or procedure.



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