Why Governments Refuse to Admit the True & Staggering Cost of Subsidised Wind & Solar


If the true and staggering cost of subsidised wind and solar power were public knowledge, there would be public outrage.

For more than a decade the wind industry and its political enablers have trotted out mythical figures, all based on fanciful modelling, claiming that the total cost of renewable power to consumers is less than the cost of their daily skinny soy latte.

The propaganda machine has been just as effective in the UK, as everywhere else.

Obfuscation, fudging and downright lying has been government policy for more than a decade. And there’s a reason for government smoke-screening: the true cost of incorporating wind and solar is absolutely staggering.

This piece by Professor Gordon Hughes from the School of Economics, University of Edinburgh is technical and complex.

However, the conclusion is simple: the economic cost of providing power sources available on demand to balance the grid and to meet changes…

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