Can a pro-Palestinian, anti-Zionist be a feminist? Linda Sarsour says “yes”, I say “hell, no!”

Why Evolution Is True

An article in The Nation from March 13 includes an interview with the odious and overrated Linda Sarsour; the title of the piece is “Can you be a Zionist Feminist? Linda Sarsour Says No.” As you may recall, Sarsour, a Palestinian-American hijabi who was one if the heads of the anti-Trump Women’s March, is strongly anti-Zionist and pro-BDS, and has had some harsh things to say about Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

In the interview, author Collier Meyerson questions Sarsour closely about the title issue, asking her why it’s incumbent for a feminist to be anti-Zionist (remember that anti-Zionism denies Jews the right to have a homeland). It’s always puzzled me how a hijab-wearing woman who demonizes Israel and strongly praises both Palestine and sharia law can call herself a feminist. After all, sharia law is strongly anti-women, and is largely designed to keep them in their…

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