Caturday felid trifecta: Cat brings home plush friend, a polite cat who knocks, and Maru gets into a tiny bowl (with bonus lagniappe)

Why Evolution Is True

We have an all-video Caturday felid post today. The first one, in which a cat steals a plush tiger, seems familiar, and I may have posted it before. Well, you can’t see it too often. This cat, named Timmy, has his own Facebook Page; he was recently very ill but seems to be recovering.


This very polite cat has learned to knock on the door using a lock:


What is it about Maru that compels him to enter any box or vessel he sees? I know of no other cat like this, and of course that is why he’s famous. After his recent failure to enter a “too small box,” Maru redeems himself here by entering (with only his legs) a glass vase. This cannot be comfortable, and I am baffled. Perhaps he has some kind of feline compulsive disorder?


Lagniappe: reader Michael calls our attention…

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