The Nordic Gender Paradox

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Nordic gender equallity

A book to publiched on April 19, 2016, by Dr. Nima Sanandaji

“This book does a terrific job of dissecting why women in the world’s most gender-equal countries fail to live up to their potential. While it may seem that everything in the Nordic nations is stacked in favour of working women, Sanandaji explains the obstacles and incentives preventing women from reaching the top. From high tax wedges and the large welfare state, to the penalties on self-employment and the nationalisation of key female-led sectors, women in Nordic nations are encouraged to work hard, but not too hard. Setting conventional wisdom about the gender gap on its head, The Nordic Gender Equality Paradox is a lesson in market-oriented feminism.”
— Rachel Cunliffe, Deputy editor CapX

Already during the time of the Vikings, Norse societies stood out by granting women…

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