The Left embraces racism. The result could be ugly.

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Summary: These are historic days, as the Left abandons the long movement to see people as more than their race and gender. A wise voice from the past warns that this could end badly for us.

Progressive Stacking

Here is another example — one of many in recent years — of the Left’s abandonment of the principles that have guided America for centuries. Stephanie McKellop, a graduate teaching assistant for “Sinners, Sex and Slaves: Race and Sex In Early America” at the University of Pennsylvania, tweeted {see above} about a progressive tool widely used but little known to the public. It is called “progressive stacking.”

McKellop describes herself as a “queer disabled feminist.” Nobody has asked if she uses “progressive stacking” to ensure “fairness” when grading.

See her defense below. Anyone disagreeing with her is, of course, a Nazi. This eliminates the need to consider their…

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