Guilty: Subsidised Wind & Solar Drive Australia’s Rocketing Retail Power Prices


Among the dwindling band of deluded wind and sun worshippers, no two words are more prone to send them into apoplexy than ‘South Australia’. Held up as the example of how to run an economy on sunshine and breezes (sprinkled with a liberal dose of pixie dust and batteries that cost $150 million to power SA for four minutes when the wind stops blowing), its rocketing retail power prices and rickety grid (SA experienced even more grid failures in the last week) offer the perfect retort to renewable energy zealots, and the rent-seekers who depend upon them as ‘useful idiots’.

South Australia’s vapid Premier, Jay Weatherill recently ran a top-class fake news story that South Australia’s power was now the cheapest in the nation (see below). Try telling that to the householders and businesses who already pay the highest power prices in the world (see above). And who can only…

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2 thoughts on “Guilty: Subsidised Wind & Solar Drive Australia’s Rocketing Retail Power Prices

  1. nottrampis

    oh dear
    not only are they the cheapest, the wholesale p[rices that is, they are exporting electricity to other states. This site relies on fake news or data that is not up to date. Shame you do not know this Jim!!



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