South Australia’s Mega-Battery a Costly Exercise in ‘Green’ Vanity Signalling


South Australians wake every day to an unfolding economic nightmare: they pay the highest retail power prices in the world, while suffering routine load shedding (scheduled power cuts) and mass blackouts (unscheduled), whenever wind power output collapses on a total and totally unpredictable basis. Businesses are being wiped out and whole industries are under threat.

A bit like one of Baldrick’s ‘cunning plans’, SA’s vapid Premier, Jay Weatherill signed up with Californian carpetbagger, Elon Musk to squander $150 million of taxpayers’ money on a battery which could notionally power SA for four minutes when the wind stops blowing.

Weatherill, who drifts from delusion to delusion, perpetuates the myth that the mega-battery, coupled with his diesel fuelled jet engines, will turn his beleaguered State into an economic superpower. Economics was never his strongest point.

Jobs require viable businesses, and viable businesses require reliable and affordable electricity supplies. Windmills and ludicrously expensive…

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One thought on “South Australia’s Mega-Battery a Costly Exercise in ‘Green’ Vanity Signalling

  1. nottrampis

    Fake news. How do you have both load shedding , mass black outs and export electricity to other states.

    How do they now have the lowest wholesale prices in Australia which will in due course mean lower retail prices.



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