Hans Bader on Abolish Law School Requirement, Keep the Bar Exam?

Truth on the Market

Lawyer licensing should not be completely abolished, but it should be made radically easier and cheaper by abolishing the requirement that lawyers attend law school to sit for the bar exam, and by only requiring passage of the bar exam for those who handle court cases.  Legal redress should also be made easier by allowing more cases to be brought in small-claims courts.

As Clifford Winston and Robert Crandall recently noted in the Wall Street Journal, law students commonly accumulate “as much $150,000 in law school debt” to get the degree required to practice law, even though many “services by lawyers do not require three years of law school” to perform, since they are simple enough to be performed by a non-lawyer.  As they point out, “every other U.S. industry that has been deregulated, from trucking to telephones, has lowered prices for consumers without sacrificing quality.”

As a…

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