Minimum Wages #2

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David Neumark and William Wascher have pulled together a blunderbuss of a minimum wage review. In 152 pages, the paper discusses over 90 recent studies on the effect of minimum wages on employment, including 4 studies from Australia. Their conclusions:

Minimum Wages and Employment: A Review of Evidence from the New Minimum Wage Research
David Neumark, William Wascher
We review the burgeoning literature on the employment effects of minimum wages – in the United States and other countries – that was spurred by the “new minimum wage research” beginning in the early 1990’s. The wide range of existing estimates makes it difficult for us to draw broad generalizations about the implications of the new minimum wage research. Clearly, no consensus now exists about the overall effects on low-skilled employment of an increase in the minimum wage. However, the oft-stated assertion that this recent research fails to support the traditional view that…

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