My driving skills are increasingly obsolete on late model cars

Maybe 8 or 9 years ago, I discovered hand breaks had become electronic. After an international flight, a long delay at Tullamarine airport for a storm, subsequent chaos, and arriving in Hobart past midnight, I was upgraded to a sports utility. I could not find the break. Just as I was getting out of the car to go back to see if the office was still open to tell me where the handbrake was I noticed this tiny little retractable button with brake on it.

Next it was starter buttons on cars. I could not find anywhere to put the key in so I went back to the rental office; they told me to press the button and as long as the key was in the car, the car would start.

Recently, I discovered not only did you have to have the key in the car, you had to have your foot on the brake or the car did not start.

To make things worse, this car had an electronic hand brake hidden in the middle of the car next to the gear shaft. It did not retract or stay up or anything to indicate it was on. The only way you knew it was on was a light was on the middle of the speedometer.


One thought on “My driving skills are increasingly obsolete on late model cars

  1. adamsmith1922

    Sometimes progress is regression in that the drive for so called ease of use, becomes an inconvenience and possibly dangerous as it conflicts with lifetime habits.



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