Discussion with James Damore and others disrupted in Portland

Why Evolution Is True

As we all know, James Damore, former Google employee, has been demonized for life for supposedly suggesting in his famous memo that women weren’t as qualified to work in tech jobs as were men. In fact, his memo didn’t say that: it said that perhaps women were underrepresented in tech at least in part due to their lack of interest in such jobs (he didn’t discount sexism, nor do I). But suggesting that lack of gender parity in jobs has anything to do with lack of interest or preference is not acceptable in today’s climate, where ideology decrees that men and women must be exactly equal in both abilities and interests.

Google fired Damore for violating the company’s code of conduct. He then filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board for being unjustly fired. He withdrew that complaint, but the NLRB had already determined internally that Damore’s firing…

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