Anatomy of a disruption: Lewis and Clark Law School students try to shut down Christina Hoff Sommers

Why Evolution Is True

Regardless of whether you think Christina Hoff Sommers is a “true feminist”, she doesn’t deserve to be treated like this when she’s giving a talk. People everywhere have been trying to shut her down, almost as if she’s a Nazi. In fact, she’s an equity feminist who’s been critical of gender feminism, but extreme Leftists and some gender feminists have demonized her beyond reason.

Have a look at these tweets from Andy Ngo about how Sommers was greeted when trying to talk at Lewis and Clark College law school in Portland, Oregon. (Portland, of course, is Disruption and Antifa Central in America.)

Oh, and given yesterday’s post on how the Right is more censorious than the left, if someone can come up with similar recent videos of a left-wing speaker being shut down by the right, I’ll be glad to post that, too. It doesn’t seem to happen often, and…

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