Nepotism. It’s not a new thing.

Angela L. Lindseth

Nepotism is nothing new in the White House. In fact, prior to legislation in 1967 (passed in response to John F. Kennedy appointing his brother attorney general) the practice of favoritism was far more widespread. The only reason that Trump is not in violation of the 1967 law is a 1978 law that exempts advisory roles from nepotism laws. Here are some other examples of presidential nepotism throughout American history.

Nepotism was common in our countries early history: Zachary Taylor, James Monroe, John Tyler, and James Buchanan all hired family members, generally in secretarial roles. Not only did Andrew Jackson hire family members, but he is remembered for the “spoils system,” which made an art out of granting positions to supporters and their family members.

Sound familiar?

John Kennedy

Robert F. Kennedy is probably the most famous case of nepotism. Appointed by his brother, the president, he became the attorney general…

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