Bill Maher offers some constructive criticism to Democrats

Why Evolution Is True

“The Democrats are to political courage as Velveeta is to cheese.”
—Bill Maher

In this segment of Bill Maher’s latest show, he calls out Democrats for their lack of courage.  To a large extent I agree with him. Americans are in favor of more gun control, want reasonable controls on immigration, and yet the Democrats are timorous on these issues. To listen to Democratic politicians, you’d almost think they favor completely open borders, something that’s insupportable.

And Democrats have the Republicans, and the country, characterize Nancy Pelosi as a liability despite her remarkable effectiveness as both Speaker of the House and Minority Leader. It’s the Democrats’ fault that they haven’t defended Pelosi more vigorously, and, in truth, I don’t know why (I refuse to believe it’s because she’s a woman, for that would make me deeply ashamed of my party).

At any rate, does anybody really want to call Maher…

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