The Peace of Utrecht, April 1713

The History of Parliament

300 years ago this April, a series of treaties known as the Peace of Utrecht was signed to end the War of Spanish Succession (1702-13). Dr Charles Littleton tells us more…

The War of Spanish succession began after the Spanish King Carlos II bequeathed Spain and its empire to the grandson of Louis XIV of France, a concentration of power in the French King that few states in Europe were willing to countenance. The treaties in the Peace of Utrecht between the warring parties – Britain, the United Provinces, the Holy Roman Empire, Savoy, Prussia and Portugal on one side and France and Spain on the other – were fundamentally important to the history of Britain.

The war had helped form Great Britain itself; the parliamentary union of England and Scotland was in large part driven by English anxieties that Scotland was dangerously out of line in terms of war…

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