Feminist geography at Dartmouth

The ultimate prize in the scientific enterprise is to show an existing belief to be wrong. To refute is to be scientific.

Why Evolution Is True

Dartmouth College, a high-class American school, has on its library page a long section that it calls “a short definition for feminist geography“. It appears to be an entrée to the field as well as a list of resources for people who want to investigate the discipline.  If you read it, you’ll find the usual obscurantist and postmodern descriptions, heavy on jargon and short on comprehensible statements. But the description makes it clear that the purpose of the field is not just to bring feminist perspectives to the study of geography, but to overthrow masculine ones, which apparently include the objectivity of science (my emphases in all statements):

Part of this commitment is to transform the practices and structures of geography itself. To that end feminist geographers have made critical interventions into the conduct of research in geography, introducing feminist epistemologies and methodologies that challenge the masculinist

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