Climate Change in the Courts

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SPOTLIGHT: Environmentalists have long used the courts to achieve their goals – rather than doing the hard work of persuading the rest of us to share their latest concern.

BIG PICTURE: Australian journalist Tony Thomas has written an informative and entertaining account of a lawsuit currently underway in California. Titled Warmism Gets a Courtroom Thrashing, it’s a great 10-minute read.

The cities of San Francisco and Oakland are suing oil companies for alleged climate damages. Anyone who has ever driven an automobile, used natural gas to heat their home in the dead of winter, or boarded an airplane knows that fossil fuels are essential. Without them, life as we know it would screech to a halt.

Nevertheless, companies that do the difficult and dangerous work of making fossil fuels available to the rest of us are being dragged into court. In this instance, they’re being accused of “unlawful public…

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