Two Reasons Progressives on the Left Must Vocally Repudiate Islam

All religions share these founding characteristics.

Michael A. Sherlock (Author)

“We now live in a world where criticism of Muslim homophobia is islamophobia.”

~Lalo Dagach

Islam, unlike Christianity, is a comprehensive religious, political and legal ideology. Its construction in the first few centuries of its creation lends itself to the encroachment upon both the personal and the political. This fact ensures that its beliefs, customs and practices are not simply relegated to something personal, but rather its very structure sows the seeds of theocratic authoritarianism, as has been a key ingredient in its global success. Apostasy, at least in the early days of Islam and in some modern Islamic countries, was not merely apostasy from the religion, but treason against the (Islamic) ruler. Blasphemy against the Prophet was not simply blasphemy against the Prophet, but the deliberate rejection of Islamic authority. Thus, the beliefs and practices at the core of Islam are a concern not only for Muslims, but…

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