Men are 10% faster in athletics

Across all sports, men are 10% faster or stronger than women. This is strong enough that a good boys high school athletics team can be stronger in the world’s best women athletes. The New Zealand women’s soccer team played an Australian high school soccer team and lost 7-2 as I recall.

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One way to determine whether there is a lot of drugs in sport is to see whether women are catching up with men in world records. Prior to 1992, men were slowly losing their edge over women.

But when better drug testing technology became available, women’s world records of 1992 stood for years rather than sometimes hours or months.

More importantly, the best female performances were showing a bigger gap with the best male performances after 1992. The collapse of communism meant that bags of drugs were no longer given to East European female competitors.

The reason the gap was closing before 1992 was drugs that male women stronger show up predominately in power sports such as athletics and weightlifting. When it was possible to test for those drugs, athletes stopped taking them.


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