Chutzpah: Syria to chair UN disarmament forum on nuclear and chemical weapons

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Well, there’s chutzpah and there’s chutzpah, but this is CHUTZPAH. In 2013, Syria signed the Chemical Weapons Convention (administered from The Hague) which, according to Wikipedia, “outlaws the production, stockpiling, and use of chemical weapons and their precursors.” Yet Syria has violated this treated several times (including two days ago), with the latest chemical attack killing 40 people. It’s not yet clear what agent was used, though sarin has been used in the past. Those who suffered horribly in all these attacks include mostly civilians, including children; and the death is, as I’ve seen on videos, a gruesome one. What al-Assad and his regime have done, with the backing of Putin, is a war crime. (Of course the UN, too busy condemning Israel, haven’t said a word about Syria.)

Now, according to UN Watch, Syria is scheduled to chair a UN disarmament conference whose provisions include the ban on chemical weapons:

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