Infographic: 100 Vehicles from Star Wars

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Source: Gringer, Bonnie, 100 Vehicle From Star Wars, TitleMax,

The First Step into a Larger World

It can be kind of dizzying to think that one’s man idea of a spaceship called the “Millennium Falcon” shaped somewhat like a wonky hamburger he once had would evolve into a huge encyclopedia of all Star Wars vehicles. We’ve only included 100 here, but there are many hundreds included throughout the Expanded Universe. There are whole books dedicated to exploring the insides of Star Wars imperial vehicles alone. (And, yes, fans do get really passionate about it.) There are entire video games based solely around the concept of getting and flying ground vehicles like pod-racers. What’s even more overwhelming is that with every new film and TV show, there are more added to this seemingly endless lexicon.

George Lucas opened a can of creativity.

No Such Thing as Luck

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