Animal “Rights” Terrorists Kill Thousands of Game Birds

Green Jihad

In an attempt to disrupt an upcoming partridge hunt, activists with the Animal Liberation Front released thousands of the birds last week from the Southern Partridges in Devon, England.

According to The Times of London, supporters of the bird hunt point out that the partridges released would either starve or be eaten by other predators. The bird release is a setback, Countryside Alliance chairman Liam Stokes says, but releasing the birds was a thoughtless act of cruelty.

Ultimately, animal rights hoodlums do not care what happens to the partridges as their primary goal was not only to delay or stop the hunt altogether, but also to rid mankind of animals humans can use for hunting.

The reason why animal rights groups kill animals is articulated at PETA’s website. Dogs and cats are euthanized because doing so helps them escape an uncaring world without trauma or pain

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