May 2, 1946: Battle of Alcatraz

Almost Chosen People

The so-called battle of Alcatraz began on May 2, 1946.  Located on an island in San Francisco bay, Alcatraz prior to 1933 was a military prison.  In 1933 the Federal Bureau of Prisons refurbished it, and it became a supposedly escape proof prison, due to the high currents of the bay, where Federal prisoners who had caused trouble in other prisons were transferred.  The prison was closed in 1963.  Ironically considering its infamous reputation, many convicts asked to be transferred to Alcatraz.  Several former inmates report that the food and treatment were better at Alcatraz than in other Federal prisons.

On May 2, 1946 inmates Bernard Coy and Marvin Hubbard teamed up to overpower a guard.  They then released inmates Joseph Cretzer and Clarence Carnes from their cells.  Taking over C block and D block, they attempted to open the yard door to seize the launch, using the nine guards they had…

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