Petitioning the Prime Minister for the Irish Republican Cause: Irish Republicanism in Australia during the ‘Troubles’ through the files of ASIO

Managing Migrants and Border Control in Britain and Australia, 1901-1981

As part of our project, we are looking at the surveillance of the Irish communities in Australia and Britain during the twentieth century. Although there has been a significant amount of literature on the monitoring of Irish Republicans in the 1910s-20s in Australia, there has not been much on the era of the ‘Troubles’. This is part of a paper that Evan Smith and Anastasia Dukova are writing on ASIO’s surveillance of Irish Republicans in the 1960s and 1970s that will be presented at the AHA Conference at ANU in July.


The ASIO files are very sporadic on the surveillance of Irish Republicans until 1971, even though the ‘Troubles’ began in 1969. Like other social movements in Australia in the early 1970s, surveillance of Irish Republicans was often an extension of the monitoring of the Communist Party of Australia (CPA) and other left-wing groups, such as the Socialist Youth…

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