It is up for Hamas to put an end to the violence


7 thoughts on “It is up for Hamas to put an end to the violence

  1. nottrampis


    I do not think anyone doubts Hamas took over the demonstrations and went for it willy nilly but it is the IDF who killed people not hams. it is the IDF who has the 100 snipers who apparently can’t see what it is their sights but shoot anyway.
    how was anyone in a position to be killed on the Israeli sidegiven the proximity of the demonstrations.
    It was the IDF acting like hamas and giving excuses like hamas. highly but sadly ironic


    1. Jim Rose Post author

      Where are the peace activists calling on Hamas to stand down to avoid further bloodshed. Have they being kidnapped to stop them calling for peace?


      1. nottrampis

        Hamas are not killing people Jim.
        They are merely trying to get people to demonstrate. Are they culpable. Most certainly but you cannot absolve Israel of blame here.
        Are there any peace activists there at all given the behavior of hams and the Israeli government. Both want this pseudo war to continue


        1. nottrampis

          you do not kill people who do that. you only kill people who are threatening to kill you or other people and thus far the evidence for that is zilch


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