Why Columbo matters as much as ever

The Columbophile

Columbo cigar

A colleague didn’t know what to make of it recently when I explained that I almost never watch TV.

What about Game of Thrones, she gasped? Never seen one second of it. Ah, but surely you’ve seen The Wire? No. Brooklyn Nine-Nine? Nope. Breaking Bad? Nay pet. The Walking Dead? Errr, that’s a negative. Well what do you watch? she demanded.

And I had to come clean that the only show I watch with any real level of commitment is Columbo. Still. Even though I’ve seen every episode multiple times. Even though I can quote verbatim my favourite episodes from first line to last. Even though the show is now 50 years old and virtually no one I know in ‘real life’ knows anything about it.

Now if I’m totally honest, I must admit to being familiar with other TV shows. I love Stranger Things

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