French Butchers Terrorized by Vegans and Animal “Rights” Groups

Green Jihad

French butchers are coming under physical, verbal and moral attacks by vegans and animal rights groups and have pleaded with police and the French government for protection against their campaign of terror.

According to The Telegraph, butchers allege the increased media exposure of the anti-meat cause has fueled a campaign of violence and intimidation against them. One butcher shop was recently vandalized while a fishmonger and restaurant that served meat dishes were attacked in the city of Lille. Seven butchers and charcuteries were attacked and sprayed with false blood in April in Hauts-de-France. Butchers organizations also say similar incidents occurred in the Occitanie region.

While animal rights groups have been making headlines with videos alleging terrible conditions animals are kept in meat production facilties, The Telegraph also points out a butcher group revealed that a vegan activist cheered the murder of a butcher named Christian Medvès by a Muslim…

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