“The Case Against Education”


Bryan Caplan, the libertarian George Mason University economist, has written an important but flawed book, The Case Against Education, arguing that the problem with education is that it teaches you little but effectively separates high and low, sheep from goats.  Education is a race, which effectively and accurately sticks winner and loser labels on kids and adults. Because employers will pay for the distinctions education elucidates between dumb and smart, lazy and hard-working, “one of the crowd “and a free spirit, parents and kids will pay in blood and treasure and time to get a diploma or a degree or a doctorate. But school doesn’t actually teach kids much, and school isn’t much good for the society or the world. A sensible government will discourage this pointless rat race by subsidizing education little or not at all: no public schools or government-supported financial aid. A sensible government will encourage kids…

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