Palestinian “mother of martyrs” gets over $1 million and a big monthly stipend for having six terrorist sons who murdered at least 17 Israelis

Why Evolution Is True

Imagine, if you will, an Israeli mother who sent her six civilian sons into Palestine to murder Palestinians. They succeed, though one son is killed, and manage to kill at least 17 Palestinians, most of them civilians or policemen and policewomen. The Israeli mother is held up as a hero in her country, though one of her sons is killed and the other four given life sentences. Just recently, a sixth son confessed to the murder of a Palestinian activist, and is also given a life sentence in Palestine.

The Israeli government gives big bucks to the mother as a reward and as an incentive for others to murder Palestinians—whether civilian, police, or military. So far the payments to the mother, who is praised by Benjamin Netanyahu, amount to $ 1,007,611, and she continues to receive $10,000 a month. Moreover, she’s chosen to represent Israel in a campaign at the…

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