The burkini ban

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As most of you know, three French towns, two on the mainland and one in Corsica, have banned the wearing of “burkinis,” a garment allowing Muslim women to go swimming while preserving their modesty and adhering to Islamic standards of body coverage. There are all kinds; this one, religiously correct, is offered by Marks and Spencer in several countries:


As the New York Timesobserves, in an okay but somewhat misguided piece, these bans are ham-handed attempts to enforce France’s laïcité policy of secularism, a Gallic version of America’s First Amendment designed to keep religious influence out of government. That policy already bans the burqa (big cloth sack) and the niqab (face covering that shows the eyes) in public spaces. One can make a good argument for those bans, as FEMEN head Inna Shevchenko did in a new piece in Business News (she opposes the burkini bans). But the burkini? If you’re determined…

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