The intolerance of the ‘Progressives’ leading to oppression – unless we stand up to them

The Inquiring Mind

Somewhat surprised by the editorial in yesterday’s DomPost. Usually they seem all too ready to pander to the elements in our society who in the name of ‘freedom ‘ will in fact oppress us. This post started out as about the DomPost editorial, but developed as the thoughts behind the post developed and expanded.

The starting point was Dominion Post EDITORIAL which was itself triggered by the ‘supposed outrage’ trumpeted by ‘many’, ie the usual suspects and Twitter activists, against the proposed speaking engagement of two Canadian speakers, perceived as far right by progressives. This engagement and the protesters were given oxygen by the oppressive stance taken by Phil Goff, as these tweet show:-

However, unlike the kneejerk reaction of Goff, the Dominion Post started out:-

Our mums and dads used to tell us that sticks and stones can break our bones…

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