Free Speech Case Funded by Small Donations

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Heather Roy

19 July 2018

Freedom of speech is off to court, thanks to over a thousand small donations. The Free Speech Coalition has filed court action over Auckland Mayor Phil Goff’s decision to ban controversial Canadians Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux from speaking at the Bruce Mason Centre and other Auckland Council owned venues.

Phil Goff’s story keeps changing. First, he announced that the decision was his – a Captain’s call. Then he said that he’d taken the advice of Regional Facilities Auckland, the CCO that manages the venues. And most recently he says it was a matter of safety – he didn’t want the police to get hurt. He is ‘digging in’ despite the public backlash and the Free Speech Coalition’s attempts to give him a back-out option by reversing the decision.

As a society I often wonder if we’ve lost sight of the things that really matter…

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