Climate lawfare suffers another defeat

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Is it any wonder that US judges are reluctant to put themselves in the position of climate experts, when the evidence for man changing the global climate is so nebulous and strongly disputed?

Today a U.S. District Judge threw out New York City’s lawsuit against five major energy companies alleging damages relating to climate change, reports The GWPF.

Judge John Keenan wrote in his opinion that, “Global warming and solutions thereto must be addressed by the two other branches of government,” not the judiciary, according to Bloomberg.

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1 thought on “Climate lawfare suffers another defeat

  1. Russell Cook (@questionAGW)

    The dismissal of the NYC case, and its siblings in CA, is something of a hollow victory when there was an opportunity to drive a stake through the heart of these “Matt Pawa-led” lawsuits, along with all the other major AGW lawsuits. Their core premise for existing is based entirely on the idea that fossil fuel companies paid skeptic scientists to lie about the certainty of AGW, and their main ‘leaked industry memo’ evidence to prove that is WORTHLESS.

    “Defeated — but still Unscathed”

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